Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles & Hair Color for Men, Grey Hair Blending at Elizabeth Hair Salon in Minnetonka

Guys, bring me your hair problems. I specialize in creating a fantastic foundational haircut tailored to your head shape, hair texture, and overall appearance. Whether you prefer a traditional short men's hairstyle or are aiming for a longer look, with or without facial hair, I'll design the perfect hairstyle for you. I use various cutting and styling techniques such as cutting with shears, razor cutting, clipper cuts, and more. Along with your cut, I'll guide you on how you can style your look at home.

Men's Cutting Techniques

Different cutting techniques are used to achieve different looks and textures. Here are some popular cutting techniques for men's hair but don't get overwhelmed by the lingo or all the possibilities. Leave that to me, and relax knowing that I'll have a solution for all your hairstyle troubles.

Shear Cutting
This is a traditional method using hair-cutting scissors. It provides a clean and precise cut, suitable for various styles.

Clipper Cutting
Clippers are used to create short and uniform lengths. Clipper cutting is often used for buzz cuts, fades, and other short hairstyles.

Razor Cutting
A razor is used to cut the hair, creating a softer and textured finish. This technique is great for achieving a more natural and lived-in look.

This involves cutting into the hair to remove bulk and add texture. It's useful for reducing thickness and creating movement in the hair.

Point Cutting
This technique involves cutting the hair at an angle, typically with scissors pointing upward. It helps create texture and a less blunt appearance.

Thinning or Razor Thinning
Thinning shears or a razor is used to remove excess bulk from the hair, making it more manageable and lightweight.

The undercut involves cutting the sides and back very short or shaved while leaving the top longer. This creates a sharp contrast and a bold, edgy look.

Tapering involves gradually shortening the hair from the top down to the neckline. It's often used in combination with fades for a polished appearance.

Disconnected Cut
This involves creating a clear separation between different sections of hair, often resulting in a bold and dramatic look.

Men's Hair Color

Style conscious men are exploring the world of hair color. If you are relatively new to this experience, it's important to note that hair color comes in various formulations so that it's not obvious that you've had your hair colored. I can use hair color to solve common hair problems and make the color as bold or as subtle as you want. You'd be surprised what hair color can do.

Men's Grey Hair Blending

While a little grey may bother you, you may not be ready for a drastic change. I can suggest some hair color options to seamlessly blend in the greys instead of erasing them completely. Or I can suggest a haircut that complements the natural progression of your hair.

Highlights for Men

With the ongoing trends in men's hairstyles towards longer hair with texture and layers, highlights offer a way to enhance the natural flow of the hair. If you're interested in highlights, no matter your natural shade of hair, let's talk about the best ways to complement your style.

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