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Be Original.

Whether you wear a short pixie cut or long flowing hair, your cut, hair color and style are unique. Only YOU can be you.

Be the Best You Can Be at Any Age.

My clients and I share this very philosophy. Reinvent yourself through every age and stage of life. When you feel good about the way you look, you're unstoppable. You think positive thoughts, and you attract positive energy. Your light shines on others and, whether you realize it or not, you're making the world a better place.

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"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!"

-Coco Chanel

My Own Struggle with Style

Not long ago, I felt like I was in a fashion rut. I kept gravitating towards the latest styles and had amassed a collection of on-trend clothing. But when it was time to get dressed, I could never find anything to wear – the outfits I was making didn’t really flatter me.  On advice from a good friend, I reached out for professional help. I consulted with a personal fashion stylist.

Over several sessions, my fashion stylists helped me define my best look, showed me how to construct outfits that made the right statement, and even showed me how to cut through the clutter when I shopped. It was liberating! I purged my closet of the trendy pieces that did nothing for me. And I learned how to flatter my figure through all stages and phases of life. 

I learned it was OK to ask for help from a pro, and it's OK to pass on the latest trends. Being true to myself was more important.

My Approach to Hair

Not only was this a transformative experience for my closet – it brought my own career into focus. There were many parallels. When you come to my studio, we'll collaborate to create the best haircut and styles to flatter your face and suit your life and desired upkeep. We'll look at pictures to make conversation easier, and discuss the perfect style, color and technique for YOU. And like a good closet purge, I'll help you let go of what no longer serves you this season and embrace what flatters you.

Be the Best YOU – at Every Age and Stage.

I help you create a plan to achieve the style that works best for you, and modify it as your needs change. I have young moms who want to balance ease with elegance. I have executives who want short and chic so that they’re ready to travel at a moment’s notice. I have young men who want more control over their style without looking like they made a fuss.

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