Balayage At Elizabeth Trudeau Hair Salon In Minnetonka

Balayage is a popular highlighting technique which looks good on just about anyone with medium to long hair, no matter your natural hair color. If you're not sure what balayage is, here's a simple explanation of what it is and how it relates to other highlighting techniques.

How is Balayage different than regular Highlights?

Balayage comes from the French word meaning 'to sweep.' These highlights are created with a sweeping technique and a specific lightener. The goal is to mimic how your hair naturally lightens in the sun. These highlights are supposed to look more subtle and blended than foil highlights and for that reason, balayage placement doesn't start right at the root. By leaving your base color a bit darker, this creates a more "grown out look." That's why this look is so popular - women love the casual, dimensional look of these highlights, and they can go longer in between color appointments without an obvious line where new growth starts.

Balayage at Elizabeth Hair Salon in Minnetonka

Balayage works on all hair colors.

Balayage is popular on blonde hair because it creates depth and contrast. You may have heard the term dimensional blonde, which refers to the natural highs and lows visible in true blonde hair. Balayage works for all different shades of blonde from platinum blonde to honey blonde and golden blonde shades to create a color that perfectly suits you. Balayage looks great on dark blondes and brunettes too. If you have even darker hair, balayage can still be a beautiful way to enhance your color with natural looking highlights. Remember, the lightener and technique are more subtle, so it's not going to create platinum streaks in your dark brunette hair.

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Balayage vs Ombre Hair

Balayage is the technique, and ombre hair is a look. With an ombre color, the goal is to create a gradient effect where the color transitions from dark to light, or light to dark.

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Foil Highlights

This picture is a great example of how foil highlights create a different effect. The lighter pieces start at the root, and the overall looks is lighter and brighter. Depending on how subtle or bright you want your highlights, I may suggest a foil technique vs a balayage technique.

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The Money Piece

But foil placement doesn't have to be all-over, I can place a few foils to brighten up around the face.  This is called 'the money piece' or face-framing highlights. This makes your hair appear lighter overall and draws attention to your face. The money piece looks stunning on darker blondes and brunettes, especially when paired with a balayage!

The Bottom Line

Don't worry about the terminology or technique, or what's most popular. Instead, let's talk about the end result you want and what's going to look best on YOU. Don't hesitate to show me some examples, pictures can help get us on the same page about the different effects you like.

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